Monday, July 4, 2022

People, Customs, Ceremonies & Rituals


Christian Women Christianity is said to have found its way, to Kerala by the visit of St.Thomas in the first century AD. The first place where Christians landed was Muzuris which was the most flourishing centre of trade and commerce during that time. Christian missionary activities in the Malabar coast started from the early days of the first century AD and the relation of

the present Christians to the soil is as deep rooted as that of any other community. The Syrian Christian church is the oldest church in the whole of  India. There are several denominations of Christians based on doctrinal disputes. All the different sects like Jacobite Syrians, Orthodox Syrians, Marthoma Syrians, Latin Catholic, Syrian Catholics differ on many minor points of their faith and practice, but hold their allegiance to Jesus Christ with utmost enthusiasm and devotion.