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Flora and Fauna

The flora of Karnataka includes the white Mallika, the golden Champaka, the red rose, and the purple Padari. Mysore has always been famous for its mangoes. The native varieties of mangoes are both juicy and delicious. Alphonso variety was perhaps introduced by the Portuguese. Teak and sandalwood trees are found on the eastern slopes. Sandal wood is Karnataka's State tree and the State flower is Lotus.

Forests of Karnataka are the habitat of elephants and lions. Nature has evolved a number of carnivores like tigers,  panthers and leopards. The forests also abounds in a variety of small game- sambar, deer, wild pig, bears and hare as well as Peacocks. Within the state, Mulliana Giri, Baba Budan Hill and Kudre Mukha are prominent peaks and this region is the habitat of elephants, tigers and bison. There are five National Parks and 25 Wildlife Sanctuaries in the state. The National parks are Anshi, Bandipur, Bannerghatta, Nagarhole and Kudremukh National Parks. Bird life is also abundant in the state and among the sanctuaries seven are bird sanctuaries.