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Karnataka is the eighth largest state in India by area and the ninth largest by population. It was formerly  known as Mysore. On November 1,1973, the name Mysore was changed to Karnataka.

Vidhansouda-NightKarnataka lies between 74o and 78o East longitudes and 11o and 18o North latitudes. Bangalore City It is situated on the western edge of the Deccan plateau and is surrounded by Maharashtra and Goa in the north, Andhra Pradesh in the east, and Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the south. On the west, it opens out on the Arabian Sea.

Geographically, Karnataka occupies three natural regions like the Coastal strip, the Sahyadris and the Deccan plateau. They are known in Kannada language as Paschima Karavali, Malnad and Maidan respectively.

The topography of Karnataka is largely a reflection of the geology of the state. The Sahyadris are covered with evergreen forests. They drop abruptly towards the Arabian Sea, thus forming a natural barrier between the plateau and the coastal regions. Four passes provide access to the coast. They are the Subrahmanya Ghat, the Charmadi Ghat, the Shiradi Ghat, and the famous Agumbe Ghat. The Western Ghats slope gently towards the Bay of Bengal. This is the plateau region drained by the two principal rivers Krishna and the Kaveri. The average elevation of the plateau is about 610 meters above sea-level.