Monday, September 21, 2020

Fairs and Festivals


The Muharram festival is celebrated for 10 days. For 8 days the Mullah sits besides the peeras and worship them reciting passages from Holy Koran. Many among the Hindus also offer worship at the shrine. They take a small quantity of sugar along with them and hand it over to the Mullah who after chanting scriptures returns it as prasadam to those who offered it. On the ninth day groups of young men from Muslims, Bedas, Agasas, Kurubas and other lower communities start dancing in front of the peeras till the evening of the next day to the beating of country drums. On the evening of the tenth day the peeras are ceremoniously removed and they are taken through in the main streets in a procession and later on immersed in a well. Muslim members sing in mournful tone and return home.

The tombs of former Jagirdar and his wife is situated in the village Sarjapur which are held in reverence by Muslims and the annual Urs is held during Muharram.