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The Nizam Shahi Dynasty of Ahmadnagar

The Nizam Shahi dynasty was founded by Nizam-ul-Mulk Bahri. In 1490 AD his son Malik Ahmad defeated the army of Mahmud Bahmani and established himself independent. He assumed the title of Ahmad Nizam Shah and after him the dynasty was named Nizam Shahi dynasty. The next ruler was Burhan Nizam Shah was the next ruler who ruled for forty five years. He was succeeded by Hussain Shah. The state was later annexed in 1637 during the reign of ShahJahan.

The Adil Shahi ynasty of Bijapur

The Adil Shahi was founded by Yusuf Adil Khan, the governor of Bijapur who declared his independence in 1489. Yusuf Adil Shah waged war against Vijayanagar and other Muslim neighbours. It was duringhis rule that Yusuf Adil Shah's favourite residence, of Goa was captured by the Portuguese commander. Alberquerque in 1510 AD. Ismail Shah succeeded Adil shah but being a minor he was helped by Kamal Khan . He lost his life in a conspiracy and was succeeded by Ibrahim. Ibrahim assumed the title of Ibrahim Adil shah and ruled till 1557 AD. Ali Adil Shah Succeeded Ibrahim Adil Shah. Following a policy of alliance he married Chand Bibi the daughter of Hussain NIzam shah of Ahamadnagar. In the year 1564 AD the four sultans allied at Talikota against the Vijayanagar empire. The Battle of Talikota followed in 1565 AD. Commanded on the Muslim side by Hussain Nizam shah of Ahmadnagar. Ali adil Shah of Bijapur, Ali Barid shah of Golkonda. Victory for the Muslim forces came after a fierce battle and the empire of Vijayanagar was  annexed to the territory  of Bijapur and Golkonda. In 1570 AD Ali Adil Shah with the other sovereigns attempted to capture settlements of the Portuguese. Adil shah was killed in 1579 AD. The throne was passed on to Ibrahim Adil Shah II who was a minor. His mother chand Bibi looked after him while ministers ruled the kingdom. In 1595 AD the Ahmadnagar monarch was killed in a fight between Bijapur and Ahmednagar. Ibrahim Adil Shah II died in 1626 AD. In 1680 AD this country was annexed by Aurangzeb. 

The Qutab Shahi Dynasty of Golkonda

The Qutab Shahi dynasty was a part of the Bahmani empire which was called Golkonda. The founder of this dynasty was Sultan Quli Qutab Shah who was formerly the governor of the eastern province. He declared his independence in 1518 AD. Qutab Shah met with his death in 1543 AD and his son Jamshed ruled till 1550 AD. The throne was held by Ibrahim till 1580 AD and later his son Muhammad Quli ruled till 1611 AD. The state was finally annexed by Aurangzeb in 1687 AD.

In the Deccan there also existed a small kingdom which was not a part of the Bahmani kingdom. This was the Faruqi dynasty of Khandesh. It was established in 1388 AD and came to an end in 1601 AD after the fortress of Asirgarh was surrendered to Akbar.