Monday, September 27, 2021
Himachal Pradesh


Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry plays a vital role in the development of agriculture, specially in Himachal where cattle are the main instruments for ploughing and other agricultural operations. Indigenous breeds of cows, buffaloes and sheep are of poor quality.

A number of schemes for cattle development, cattle health and disease improvement in wood production, poultry development, feed and fodder development, dairy improvement, milk supply schemes and veterinary education have been undertaken to improve the livestock in the state. The many veterinary hospitals, dispensaries and outlaying dispensaries in the state provide veterinary aids and also take measures against various contagious diseases. A number of mobile dispensaries are also in operation. Thus the state has remained free from animal scourge.

Recently, Angora rabbits imported from West Germany were introduced in the Pradesh. Now seven units for their propagation have been set up in Kangra district.

Milk production has increased due to these measures. Milk chilling plants with a capacity of about 55 thousand liters have been set up at about 2 dozens places and departmental milk supply schemes are operational in half a dozen towns.