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Penile Cancer



Treatment of penile cancer depends on the type of cancer and the stage of the cancer.  It is usually a slow-growing cancer and is curable if it is discovered and treated in an early stage. Unfortunately, men delay treatment of penile cancer because they fear disfigurement and loss of sexual function. Patients often try to treat themselves with various skin creams and lotions. These may appear to be effective for a time, which further delays the diagnosis. If left untreated, the infection may spread from the penis to the lymph nodes in the groin and eventually to other parts of the body.

The type of treatment that you are given will depend on a number of things, including the position and tumor size, whether it has spread, the grade of the cancer and your general health. If the tumor appears on the skin surface, doctor may be able to treat the problem with a topical cream that has minimal side effects. Local tumors can be treated surgically that continues to shave layers of abnormal tissue until normal tissue is reached without major damage to the appearance, sexual activity or function of the penis. Radiation is an option but results are less certain. 

There are treatments for all patients with cancer of the penis. Four kinds of treatment are used:

Surgery - the main penile cancer treatment (taking out the cancer in an operation). 

Surgery is the most common treatment of all stages of cancer of the penis. A doctor may take out the cancer using one of the following operations: Different types of surgical procedures given below. 

Wide local excision takes out only the cancer and some healthy tissue on either side.  This is used when cancer has spread over a wider area. 

Microsurgery is an operation that removes cancerous tissue and the smallest amount of healthy tissue. During this surgery, the doctor uses a microscope to check at the cancerous area to make sure all the cancer cells are removed. 

Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) surgery uses a narrow beam of light to dissolve or burn away cancer cells. It's advantage is that is causes very little post operative scarring and is very exact, not damaging surrounding tissues. 

Circumcision  (A circumcision is an operation in which the doctor takes away part or the entire foreskin from the penis- The foreskin is the skin, which covers the tip of the penis.)

Removing the penis (penectomy) is an operation that takes out the penis. It is the
common and most effective treatment for the penile cancer. This may be advised if the cancer is large and is covering a large area of the penis.  This is an operation  In a partial penectomy, part of the penis is taken out. In a total penectomy, the whole penis is removed. Lymph nodes in the groin may be taken out during surgery. If the tumour is near the base of the penis, total penectomy may be the only option.

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 1.  Posted on : 16.1.2015  By  :  Mitali , Delhi View Answer (0) Post Answer

My husband is suffer from blood cancer.. He had his first stage.. He took very expensive treatment by still he suffers a lot on his disease..... Is dis possible dat he can be became fit???

 2.  Posted on : 23.5.2013  By  :  Dharmendra Kumar Singh , Kolkata View Answer (2) Post Answer

My nephew age 3+ has blood cancer 1st stage, please sugest me low budget hosital in Kolkata.


The cheapest Hopital for Cancer treatment is Tata Medical at Rajarhat. It is the best in Eastern Region.

  Posted By :Subho , kolkata | On 11.6.2013

There is a lot of cancer research is going on at tata cancer centre. You could try there.

  Posted By :Admin , Kochi | On 23.5.2013
 3.  Posted on : 16.8.2012  By  :  Payalkelkar , Nagpur View Answer (1) Post Answer

Suggest best treatment for blood cancer 1st stage, and best hosital in nagpur.


You should be under the care of an Oncologist and follow his adivice.

  Posted By :Admin , Kochi | On 4.6.2013
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