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AIDS and the Morality Issue

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  who breached the moral code and are deviants, and are treated similarly if not worse. The rest of the groups are those involved innocently and are subject of sympathy but because of potential to transmit the disease, which is so far, untreatable, avoided by the society amounting to hate. Thus, morality issue complicates the scientific understanding and dealing of AIDS patients by the public and medical workers in many ways. It clouds the public mind, and a clear understanding of the disease process and thus education is denied. The patients are not sufferers but sinners, directly or indirectly, cut off from the mainstream of the society and live on its fringes, and are treated with ridicule and avoided as untouchables.

The Role Of People’s Organizations 

The basic hypothesis is that if the morality issue in relation to AIDS can be diluted or sidelined from the public mind, a clearer understanding of the disease and more effective education can be possible. This will have at least two implications: one, it will be helpful at the primary as well the secondary levels of prevention; and secondly, a more humane treatment socially and medically can be met out to the AIDS patients. Here, the role of people’s organizations is important. They can help in spreading a healthy awareness of human sexuality and shaping the public attitude towards the disease and its reorientation for better understanding and awareness, and more efficient prevention as well as treatment.

They can work in following ways:

Fig.3: The Role of People’s Organizations

  1. Spreading Healthy Awareness Of Human Sexuality
  • Sex Education: In the society the learning comes from the sexual value system of the family and community. The people’s organization can help in scientific and rational sex education. A step-wise sex education can be organized with help of community and must counter the sex fads gained from peers and mass media, which often lead to sexual learning in unhealthy way.
  • Healthy Sexual Practices: The people’s organizations, with help of community, can work in this direction. Stress on monogamous relationships should be given. A monogamous relationship can be heterosexual or homosexual, the sexual orientation need not change. A bisexual orientation, of course, is an evident risk. A new sexual relation should be preceded by a screening test for HIV. In this regard, it is important to note that a screening test for HIV does not become positive following exposure to infection for weeks or months. About 95% infected individuals can be detected by screening tests within 5 months of infection. So, a period of 6 months for both partners of a new relationship is safe. The risk linked with casual and commercial sex should be highlighted.
  • ‘Safe Sex’: The use of condoms for ‘safe sex’ has been widely publicized. But a poor quality or accidental breakage of condom during sexual intercourse is a real danger.
  1. Re-Orientation Of Public Attitude

This is an uphill task. In a natural course as the number of AIDS patients is on increase, the acute public reaction will subside. An AIDS patient need not be isolated. He should be rehabilitated within his family and in his job, of course taking needful precautions. The aim is to break the chains of transmission by putting barriers, not to outcast the patients. All HIV +ve and AIDS patients should be regularly followed up, and helped in getting treatment and properly rehabilitated. Efforts by people’s organizations in this regard should come.

  1. Nodal Support To Hiv +/Aids Patients

The people’s organizations can act as nodal points for giving support to the HIV+ persons and AIDS patients in various ways. They should encourage the patients to come out with problems and help in solving them. Acceptance by the family and community, occupational rehabilitation, and follow up and treatment are such problems and can be solved by drawing scientific programs and projects by people’s organizations with help of community and government.

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