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Red Sealing Wax Palm

 Scientific Name : Cyrtostachys renda
 Family : Arecaceae
 Genus : Cyrtostachys
 Common names : Red Sealing Wax Palm, Lipstick Palm, Rajah Palm, Pinang raja 
Red Sealing

Red Sealing Wax Palm is known for its bright red crown shafts. This colourful, medium sized, slow-growing palm is native to Malaysia and the island of Sumatra. It has pinnate (feather shape), dark green leaves. Leaflets are stiff and neatly arranged. The fruit are small, black, and oblong. Sometimes the red stem colour range from orange to yellow. This ornamental palm grows up to 16 to 20 feet high. It is one of the most beautiful and sought-after palms in the world.

Red Sealing Wax Palm prefer rich, moist, loamy soils. It needs high humidity and is not tolerant of drought or wind. It grows well in both full sun or part shade. As they naturally grow in swamps, they are highly tolerant of flooding and can be grown in standing water.

A frond of the Boston fern

The propagation of red sealing wax palm is through seeds. Seeds are very slow to germinate. Fresh seeds germinate much more quickly, but will take 2-4 months to germinate.Young plants stay small (a few inches tall) for perhaps 3 years, then begin to grow slowly. The plant should be fed monthly with a commercial tropical plant food. It is suitable for tropical outdoor sunny or shady positions. It has no major pests or disease problems.

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 1.  Posted on : 19.1.2010  By  :  larie Kent , hawaii View Answer (0) Post Answer

How do i groom my seal wax palms. Can I take the new growth out with roots and try to get them to grow with out hurting the main trunk. they are eight feet high and I just planted them

 2.  Posted on : 13.9.2009  By  : , santa barbara View Answer (1) Post Answer

I just bought two majesty palms at home depot.I heard there shade plants and love water. How true is this and what kind of soil should I put them in? There 10-12 feet tall,and there going in the ground.and How much cold can they handle at night time


I have seen these planted in the ground here and they were huge. They were positioned on the southwest side of the house(protected from north winds which can be severe here). My guess to minimum temperature would be 40 degrees. Remember: these are topical NOT desert palms which can take colder temps. Hope I have helped!

  Posted By :Robert , Houston, Tx | On 6.1.2011
 3.  Posted on : 13.6.2009  By  :  Jarnail , Ludhiana View Answer (0) Post Answer

Can u get me guide to growing Palm Majesty in our home lord.kindly explane it is possible thats possible then do it.

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