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 Scientific Name : Impatiens Wallerana
 Family : Balsaminaceae
 Colour : Multicolor
 Common names : Common Impatiens, Busy Lizzy, touch-me-not, jewel weed
 Flowering Season : May until early frost, throughout summer

Impatiens, one of the popular flowerbed plants is the most dependable summer annual. It is a native to the tropical forests of East Africa. These plants have thick stems and leaves are usually medium green, but sometimes dark green or reddish green, and with variegated forms. The flowers most widely available come in a number of colours from red, salmon, orange, pink, white etc. They are also seen in bicolours and double flowering forms. They are sometimes known as Touch-me-nots.  The 2-inch flower blooms from May until early frost. 

Propagation and Care

Impatiens is an easy-to-grow plant from seed or cuttings. They are moderately difficult to grow from seed. Seed are sown in a mixture of sand, loam and organic matter (cow dung) in equal proportion. Seeds will germinate in one to two weeks. 

Cuttings, can be planted anytime (preferably not in rainy season), in the same medium as that of the seed on the ground or in a polyethylene plastic bag and later replanted. Before planting, enrich the soil with compost. For bushier growth, pinch back young plants. Water when the top 2-inch layer of soil is dry. Keep moist but well drained; too much water will wilt the plant. Fertilize monthly with a general fertilizer. Grows best in part to full shade not direct sun. The plant grows up to of 10 to 14 inches in height.  Pinch back as needed if plants become leggy or overgrown, as they will in climates with long summers.