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Getting a Pan Card in India

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I stood in a long line at the government Pan card office, first to get a form then to submit the form with supporting documents. I was applying for a pan card for my company. It was a start up and I wanted to quickly get my documents in place. The bank refused to open a bank account for me unless I got a pan card in the name of the company. My investors weren't patient people. I was in a rush and without the entourage and benefit of having staff to run around and do my work I was forced to do it myself.

I stood around almost for an hour and had to leave because I had a child to pick up from school, the process wouldl have to be restarted tomorrow.

After dealing with disinterested government staff I waited and waited and waited for the pan card to arrive, in the meanwhile the business idea fell through.

 This gave me an idea. I wanted to help people in their journey of starting a company. I would help them fill up pan card forms online and send them at their doorstep and they would send me back their supporting documents!

The process wouldn't end there if there was anything missing, anything at all we would ask the person to send it to us and we would process the document. All in the comfort of their home. So I step about to start the business from my home. I was careful with locking the documents away after a day's work as it was sensitive information.

Slowly we have now moved on to state of the art sorting office for various applications. We even have quite a few walk-in customers, who come in discuss any issues they have for free with our super friendly staff. No grumpy faces there.

We go by the name of Pan Card Seva. Once Pan Card Seva was set up and running, we moved on to helping people with GST registrations and GST returns filing and even a Hindi pan card website. We are constantly thinking of new ways to help making life in India easy.

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