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Popsicle snowman

Popsicle snowman
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Popsicle snowman is a simple craft that can be made at home using Popsicles. The beautiful color bound snowman could be hung as a Christmas ornament.

Popsicle snowman
Materials required : -
» Popsicle 1 bunch
» Glue 1 tube
» Acrylic paint Red, Blue, white and Yellow
» Paint brush 1
» Googly eyes 1 Pair

Popsicle sticks

Step 1: - Line up 8 Popsicle sticks like a square and glue two full-length Popsicle sticks on top crosswise to reinforce the panel.

Popsicle crosswise

Step 2: - Turn the Popsicle panel to the other side and glue a Popsicle crosswise like this.

paint the upper section

Step 3:- Now paint the upper section with black Acrylic paint. Let it be the hat of the snowman.

white Acrylic paint

Step 4:- Paint the rest of the Popsicle panel with white Acrylic paint. Let it dry.

red line

Step 5:- Draw a red line using acrylic paint at the hat portion as shown.

googly eyes

Step 6:- Now attach a pair of googly eyes on the snow man like this.

red smiley and yellow color nose

Step 7:- Paint a red smiley and yellow color nose to our snow man to finish off.

Hang it on your Christmas tree or place it on top of your study table, Popsicle snowman is ready to grab the attention.


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