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Photo Frame With CD’s

Photo Frame With CD’s
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Photo Frame With CD`s
Things needed are 
» Used CD's - 8 nos
» Photos - 8 no
» Super glue and Ordinary glue
» Scissors
» Floral Tape

arrange them vertically

Take the CD's and arrange them vertically as shown in the picture. Use super glue on the edge of the CD's to stick them together.

Draw a circle at the back of the photo

Let it dry well. Meanwhile we'll cut out the photos. You could select a theme for your photos. For example friends, family or any occasion such as weddings, birthdays etc Cut out the photos in a circle shape. Draw a circle at the back of the photo making sure that people come inside the frame. The size of the circle should be smaller than that of the CD's. 

photos in the middle of the CD

Place the photos in the middle of the CD's and stick them to the CD's with glue.

floral tape

Take a long strip of the floral tape, twist and fold twice to make a loop. Stick the tape to the top of the photo frame using super glue. You can use this loop to hang the frame.


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