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Picture Frames

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A beautiful picture frame really brightens up a room. You can create your own unique picture frame from used ice cream bowls. Enjoy making this simple craft.


  • 4,5 Ice Cream bowls (oval or round shape) of same size

  • Pictures 

  • Cotton

  • Scissor

  • Light weight Card board

  • Fishing Line

  • Paint

How to make

Paint the ice cream bowls with acrylic or other paint. Let it dry. If you would like to hang the picture make two holes in the ice cream bowl.

Take an ice cream bowl half and place it in the cardboard in a way that the cut side is down. Trace the edge with a pencil. Cut out the circle shapes of cardboard inside the traced line carefully. It should be slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the rim of the bowl. 

Place these patterns on the pictures or photos. Position the circle so you get the best parts of the picture and  cut out the pictures to match the size of circle patterns. Glue them to the cardboard discs neatly. 

Fill the bowls with cotton. Insert the cardboard disc into the rim of the bowl. 

Take a fishing line and thread one end of the line through the holes in the bowl and knot the open ends on the S hook.


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