Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sand Work

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Sand work is a beautiful work of art. The work is easy and simple and can be tried by anyone.

  1. Sand-Various colours
  2. Hard Board
  3. Fevicol or glue
  4. Fevicryl-Various colours
  5. Carbon paper
  6. Varnish
  7. Brushes

Select a design of your choice. Now according to the size of your design, get the hard board cut. Next,  

Put glue on a part of the design. Then scatter the sand over the glue evenly. Pat the sand thoroughly so that the sand fixes firmly onto the hard board. Keep it sometime for drying. Now reverse the hard board so that excess sand falls out. In a similar way, complete the design by filling the sand, part by part.

The sand that is usually available in the market comes in rather dull shades so, in order to brighten the shades you can paint the design  with a quality paint like fevicryl or any good oil paint. When  the paint dries, put  2-3 coatings of varnish on the design.

Now your sand work is complete. You can frame the work and use as a wall decoration.