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Kappal Matha Church

The Kappal Matha Church also known as Selva Matha Church is located at Uvari , a coastal village on the shores of the Bay of Bengal at a distance of 72 km from Thirunelveli and 40 km from Kanyakumari. The church dedicated to St. Mary is a delightful piece of architecture built in the shape of an aero plane placed over a ship. It was constructed in the year 1974, when the original church was damaged due to sea erosion. The church is facing the blue sea and the moving waves of the sea near gives an impression that this ship shaped church is sailing on the sea.

 People gather here for offering prayers to St. Mary on 18th September, which is celebrated as the church festival. There is a story behind this celebration. It is said that there was a practice among the virgins to go to the nunnery in the night and sleep there. On one such occasion, these virgins saw a glittering light encircling the statue of Selvamatha for more than an hour. This was also viewed by several other people and that day is celebrated as the festival day. On that day, a procession is held around the town, by carrying the Selvamatha statue in a chariot.

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