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Ahar is a small town located at a distance of 2kms east of Udaipur, famed for its archeological museum and cenotaphs of the Royal rulers. According to historians, Ahar was set up by Rawal Allat of Mewar in 950 AD, on the ruins of Harappan site of Tambavati Nagri. Ahar has around 19 cenotaphs of the great Maharajas of Mewar, who were cremated here. Resembling 15th century temples, these memorials have striking columns raised on big platforms sheltered by of arched roofs which is highly ornamented. 

Among the nineteen cenotaphs, the most impressive is the cenotaph of Maharana Amar Singh ( reign : 1597-1620) with a four-faced statue in the center and wall paintings of his wives on its basement. Another notable cenotaph is of Maharaja Sangram Singh who was cremated with his 21 wives in 1734. His cenotaph has 56 pillared portico with an octagonal dome in the center which is supported by eight small pillars. The other cenotaphs here include cenotaph dedicated to Swaroop Singh, Shambhu Singh, Fateh Singh, Bhupal Singh, Bhagwat Singh Mewar and Sajjan Singh.

Other attraction of Ahar are the temples belonging to different centuries. 1000 years old Jain temples, 10th century Mira Bai temple, 11th century Adinath Temple built in the traditional Western Indian style are some among them. 

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