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Lake Pichola

Named after the nearby Picholi village, Pichola lake is one of the largest and oldest artificial fresh water lake situated in the heart of Udaipur which is nearly 4 km length, 3km width and gets maximum deep at the time of heavy rains. Lake Pichola is believed to be built in the early 15th century, during the reign of Maharana Lakha by a Banjara tribesman, Pichhu Banjara who built a bridge over it as his Bullocks couldn't cross the stream of the Lake. Later it was enlarged by Maharaja Udai Singh and built a stone masonry dam known as ‘Badi Pol’. Over the decades, the lake and surroundings have been developed and has become a major tourist attraction with palaces, marble temples, bathing ghats or chabutaras, family houses, etc. Located 3 km away from the bus station and railway station and 25 km from the airport, Lake Pichola is the favorite spot of moviemakers. 

To the southern part of the Pichola lake, is a hill known as a Hora Magra where one can see the Eklinggarh Fort. Towards the eastern banks of the lake one can see City Palace of Udaipur the largest palace complex in city. The northern side of the lake, there is the ceremonial ghat wherein Gangaur Festival is celebrated. Several islands namely Jag Niwas island renowned for the lake palace, Jag mandir island, Arsi Vilas island are located within Pichola Lake.

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