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Holy Cross Church

The Holy Cross Church is situated in Sarabha Nagar Ludhiana was constructed in 1963 is the headquarters of the Catholic spheres in the Ludhiana district and it is the largest one in the city. The church covers an area of more than 6,000 square feet. The church has been restored completely by Rt Symphorian Keeprath, the Bishop of Jalandhar at an expense of about Rs 1 crore.

The church is three storied with 81 feet height which consists of a basement, a large balcony, the Cross-, and a statue of Jesus Christ. The church hall stands on 19 pillars of 28 feet high has the capacity to accommodate 3,000 people. Six artists from Kerala beautifully decorated the ceiling of the church with the illustration of many historical and mythical stories and also the life of Jesus Christ, which is painted with blue backgrounds. In the center of the ceiling the picture of Jesus Christ is painted and in the corner we can see the holy family of Jesus Christ, Joseph and Mother Mary. Respite of the ceiling we can see the features of angels and the followers of Jesus christ.

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