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Orange City Craft Mela and Folk Dance Festival

Organised by South Central Zone Cultural Centre (SEZCC), Orange City Craft Mela and Folk Dance Festival is the festival of handicrafts and colourful folk dances of India. It is held at Nagpur every year in the month of December. Main aim of organizing this festival is to give opportunities to the artists and artisans from different parts of the country to know more about each other's tradition and cultural heritage and thereby help in promoting mutual understanding and cultural exchange. About 100 craftsmen and 300 folk dancers from the different parts of India participate in the festival. Various craft, handicrafts, handlooms, metal, leather, terracotta, furniture, jewellery, ceramics etc are exhibited and sell at this fair. Folk Dance forms like Povada, Lavani, Koli, Dhangri Gaja, Dindi, Kala and Tamasha with stirring tune and musical movements attract the people of the country. 

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