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Nagpur City Facts


Nagpur, popularly known as the 'Orange City' is one of the most developed and the third largest city in Maharashtra. It was founded by Gond King 'Bakht Buland Shah' of Devagad in 1702 AD, on the banks of Nag River by joining 12 small hamlets but later became part of the Maratha Empire under the Bhonsies. During 19th century, British East India Company took over Nagpur and made it the capital of the central province. After the first reorganisation of states, the city lost its capital status and was made the second capital of Maharashtra.

Nagpur is one of the few cities in India that have managed to retain their age-old charm, despite moving ahead with the times. With its numerous education institutions, industries, commercial and transportation centers, the city has become a major milestone for India. For the visitors, Nagpur has a number of tourist attractions which includes Balaji Mandir, Sitabuldi Fort, Ambazari Lake etc. Nagpur is famous for its cotton production and is endowed with large forest area with best quality teak plantations. The city is also declared as the 'Tiger Capital of India' as it has numerous wildlife sanctuaries and natural parks situated in and around the district.  


Area : 9,897 sq km
Population : 2,405,421 (2011 census)
Season : September-April
STD Code : 0712
Temperature : Min 6.9oC - Max 48.1oC
Rainfall : 1161.54 mm
Literacy : 84.18%