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Trichambaram Krishna Temple

Trichambaram Krishna Temple is a 11th century shrine situated at Trichambaram on the National Highway, around 20 km from Kannur and 5 kms south of Taliparambu town, famous for its spice trade. It is a sacred place of the Vaishnava cult and the main deity of the temple is Sree Krishna in his child form. The temple is known as Trichambaram because the pratishta (idol) here was executed by Sambara Maharshi . In front of the temple there is an elinji tree which bears no fruits but only flowers. The temple complex has three ponds and also a shrine dedicated to Goddess Durga, surrounded by water on all sides. The annual festival or the Trichambaram Mahotsavam, a colourful event is usually held in the Malayalam months of Kumbham-Meenam ( February-March). 

The temple is believed to be built by Lord Parashuram, the mythological architect of Kerala, who had put down the rituals, routine, worship and details of the annual festival. The temple is of great archeological importance and contains one of the most wonderful collection of mural paintings in South India. The sanctum sanctorum is double storied and has a copper roof in pyramid shape with a golden stupa (pinnacle) at the top. The sanctum has beautiful wood carvings which demonstrate scenes from the Epic Mahabharata, and murals paintings that date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The sculptures on the walls of the sanctum sanctorum are a class by themselves and displays the craftsmanship of ancient times.

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