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Thrichambaram Mahotsavam

Trichambaram Krishna Temple, situated 20 km from Kannur, is the venue of the Thrichambaram Mahotsavam. The 14 day long annual festival commences in the month of Kumbham-Meenam (February-March) and is usually held from Kumbam 22 to Meenam 6 of the Malayalam calendar. It is a colourful event attended by thousands of pilgrims from all over the state. The main deity of the Trichambaram temple is Shri Krishna. During the festival, the statue of Lord Balrama, Krishna's brother is brought from Dharmikulangara Temple at Mazhoor. The idol of Balrama remains in the Trichambaram temple till the end of the festival and they are said to play together. On the last day of the festival is the 'Kootupiriyal' ceremony that represents the separation of the brothers Krishna and Balrama. The prominent feature of the festival is the 'ayiram appam', a special kind of sweet offering made in thousands by the Namboothiri (a high caste) women. This is the only temple in Kerala where women from Namboothiri families prepare the offering.

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