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Madayi Para

Historically and religiously significant Madayi Para, is a small hill located near Pazhayangadi, around 25 km from Kannur. The major attractions here are the Madayi Kavu Temple, the Vadakunnu Shiva Temple and the 12th century mosque (1124 A.D) with white marble imported from Arabia, built by a Muslim preacher, Malik Ibn Dinar, who came from Mecca to India. There is a pond here in the shape of a hand held mirror, which is supposed to have connection with the ancient Jewish settlers. The remains of the dilapidated Pazhi Kotta (fort) supposed to have been built by Tipu Sultan of Mysore, can be seen on the southern side of the hill. The view from the fort is fascinating.

Remnants from the past can be found in and around Madayipara. Madayipara was the administrative center of the Ezhimala kings and was used as the place for the coronation ceremony of the rulers of the princely state of the erstwhile Kolathunadu, between AD14 and AD18.

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