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Kannur City Facts


Kannur or Cannanore, one of the important sea coast towns of Kerala, was the capital of the north Kolathiri rajas for many centuries. This administrative headquarters of Kannur district, lies on the Northern side of the state, in between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. Kannur is known for its eternal folk art and music. Previously known as Cannanore, it is a place of historical interest and has many important monuments. There are several mythology and legends associated with the name Kannur. Some say that the district derived its name from the two words 'Kannan' ( Krishna- one of the Hindu deities ) and 'Ur' (place); i.e the place of Lord Krishna. It is also said that the name is a derivation of Kanathur, an ancient village in Kannur. Theyyam- the traditional dance form of Kerala is associated with this district.

The place is also famous for handloom. Once a premier port of ancient Kerala, Kannur has been a favourite destination of foreign travellers from Europe, China and Arab countries. In his book of travels Marco Polo recounts his visit to the area in circa 1250 A.D and refers Cannanore as a great Emporia of spice trade. In the ‘Periplus of the Erithrean Sea’ a Greek work of great antiquity, Kannur finds mention as 'Naura'. Other famous visitors include Fahian, the Buddhist pilgrim and Ibn Batuta, writer and historian of Tangiers.


Area : 2966 Sq.Kms. 
Population : 24,08,956
Season : August To March
STD Code : 0497
Rain Fall : 344 cms (annual)
Temperature : 21.4oC to 32.6 oC
Literacy : 91 .48%