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Sree Ramaswami Temple

Sree Ramaswami Temple dedicated to Sri Rama is one of the most important temples in Malabar and the oldest among the four temples dedicated to Lord Rama in Kerala. It is situated 23km from Kannur, near Thalasseri fort. The temple is well-known for the exquisite carvings on the walls which are believed to have been done nearly 400 years ago. As the temple roof is made with copper sheets, it is locally known as 'chempadicha melkoora' (brass pagoda). In the18th century, some portion of the temple was destroyed by Tipu's troops but the temple itself was saved from damage by gods miracle. The seven day long annual festival of the temple, 'Vishnu Mahotsavam' is held in the month of Medam (April -May). The festival that commences on the Vishu day, is a colourful event with elephant pageantries, processions, fire works and Panchavadyam. Ramnavami is also celebrated here with great enthusiasm.

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