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Thalasseri Fort

The imposing historical monument, Thalasseri fort, situated 22 km from Kannur, stands on a rocky cliff, right on the Thalasseri beach. Thalassery was the first settlement of the British East India Company on the western coast. The British arrived in Thalassery in 1683, and they shifted their commercial capital from Kozhikode to Thalassery, following obstruction from the Dutch. In 1700, they established a fort on a small hill called Tiruvellapadkunnu and it was reconstructed in 20th August 1708, by strengthening the gigantic walls and incorporating huge intricately carved doors. The fort was the military center of the British. It is believed to have a secret channel to the sea, which was used as an escape route when under attack.

Thalasseri Fort, now under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India has a magnificent gate way and a light house. Around the fort stands the Brennen cemetery, St.Rosario church, St.John's Anglican church and the sub-collector's bungalow. Brennen cemetery, named after Sir Edward Brennen, houses tomb's of many European officials of the East India Company. Other attractions in the vicinity of the fort are the Sports Authority Of India Gymnastic Centre, established as a circus training centre; an old Muslim mosque known as Odathil Palli, the Jagannatha Temple dedicated to Siva and Thiruvangadi Sree Rama Swami temple other wise known as the Brass Pagoda.

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  By :  Sharath Radhakrishnan smiley
  Apr 30, 2010 5:14:20 PM | Chennai Reply to this Comment/ Review
I must say its a splendid place. I think the entire region is amazing. i really do recommend it to ppl who are trying to look for some place other than the routine. There are a few things you need to check before u decide like the best time of the year, good hospitable person/guide etc. it caters to the need for people who jus want to get connected with themselves....its quite a necessasity with most of us in todays chaotic life. I do recommend you to try out the local delectables. It is quite divine. Please feel free to try out the local street food, it will not get u down with some dreaded disease!!!