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Sidi Bashir's Mosque

Sidi Bashir's Mosque is located at a distance of one kilometre from the Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station outside the Sarangpur Gate. It is supposed to have been built by a slave of Sultan Sidi Bashir in 1461. The mosque is an example of master craftsmanship. Sidi Bashir's mosque is a place of religious significance as well as tourist interest. The Swaying Minarates or Jhulat Minara which are part of the mosque are very popular among tourists visiting Ahmedabad. Jhulta Minara or 'Swaying Minarates' as they are known in English are one of the most ancient structures of Ahmedabad city and are actually a part of the Sidi Bashir mosque. Each minarate has three storeys, girdled by carved stone balconies.The special feature of these minarates which gets them their name is that when one of the minarates is shaken the other one also rocks in tandem. This feature of the minarates is believed to be a protection against earthquakes. An example of superb craftsmanship the secret behind the swaying minarates still remains a mystery to even the trained minds of architects and engineers.

The minarates have stood the test of time. Being situated close to the railway station they have withstood the pressure of fast moving trains and also dismantling at the hands of humans. It is believed that an Englishman once made an attempt to demolish one of the minarates unravel the mystery behind their swaying. However he was unable to find out the theory behind the swaying minarates and could not replace the dismantled parts either.

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