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Teen Darwaza

This regal citadel lies to the eastern side of the Bhadra Fort. It was built in 1411AD by Ahmed Shah. The highlight of this monument lies in the fact that it is the oldest and longest gateway of Ahmedabad. As the name suggests this structure is a triple arched gateway which was originally meant to serve as an entrance to the Royal Square and to be used by the royalty. This is the place from where the sultans used to watch the processions which started from the palace and went right up to the Juma Masjid. The walls and pillars of this monument are beautifully designed. The windows are semicircular and adorned using meshwork. The central window depicts the tree of life. Five palm trees are shown that are covered with snakes. This motif now serves as a symbol of the Gujarat government.

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  By :  Ravi smiley
  Apr 1, 2010 2:30:26 PM | Haryana Reply to this Comment/ Review
Teen Darwaza as the name whispers Triple domed gateway great crowd puller in the city, which witnesses scores of visitors each year