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Science City

Science City in AhmedabadThe Science City in Ahmedabad is an initiative of the Government of Gujarat to promote scientific thinking and awareness. It aims at improving the scientific temper of the community in todays times of knowledge driven economic growth. It is an education cum entertainment centre which will cater to individuals of all age groups. The main attractions at the science centre include an IMAX 3-D theatre, Hall of Science, Thrill Rider/ Simulator, Musical Dancing Fountain, Energy Education Park, LED Screen and a Life Science Park.

The IMAX 3D theatre has screens which are eight stories high. Visitors can watch 3D movies in the theatre. The timings of shows are usually displayed on the official site of the science centre.

The Hall of Science is a place with a lot of exhibits and working models. The visitors are encouraged to operate the various models and mechanical devices on display so that they can understand themselves how things work. This place does not have a 'do not touch' board.

The 30 seater simulator here provides the visitors experience of riding a roller coaster, flying in an aerobatic aircraft, a space journey etc. The various ride films shown to the visitors have both educational and entertainment value. The simulator can accomodate upto 30 people at a time.

The Musical Dancing Fountain is another attraction at the science centre. It is spread over an area of 9000sq m in hexagonal grid pattern. It is supposed to be Asia's largets musical fountain. The pool is rectangular shaped and employs 113 jets, 935 underwater colour lights, submersible hydraulic pumps, 2073 sets of hydraulic nozzles with 273 effects, different kinds of water styles including floating fountain, seagulls, chasing waves, peacocks, swinging flower baskets etc. The programs on musical fountain are fully controlled by a computer software programs specifically written for this purpose. The fountain is not only a medium of entertainment, it is also a learning experience as they get a chance to learn about the musical fountain principles of acoustic, water treatment processes, light-water synchronization, Bernoulli's principle, types of water flow and water dynamics, rainbow etc. The fountain is accompanied by sculptures, landscape, trees and flowers and greenery. The musical fountain operates 2 to 3 shows daily for 20 minutes each in the evening and entry is by tickets.

Musical fountain show timings:
1st Show on 7.30 pm
2nd Show on 8.00 pm
3rd Show on 8.30 pm

A State Level Energy Education Park (SEEP), is being developed at the Gujarat Science City with financial assistance from Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources. The exhibits at the park are classified according to the five basic elements (Panchbhuta) as propounded in ancient Indian Philosophy. These elements are Tej- energy from the sun, Marut-energy from the wind, Ap-energy from the water, Kshiti-energy from the earth and Byom- exploration of space. Some of the exhibits at the energy park are Wind Pump, Wind Turbine, Oil and Gas drilling rig, Geo power energy, tidal power generator, ocean thermal energy converter, wave power generation, solar house etc.

A large size LED display screen has been installed at the Gujarat Science City. It is an outdoor exhibit. The screen is having a dimension of 20'x12' size and uses 1,84,320 tiny LEDs to play a character or depict story lines. The screen has the capacity to display 53 characters in 24 lines in English language.

A Life Science Park is being developed on an area of 9000 sq metres at the Science Centre. The main aim of this park is to develop in children a sense of interest towards nature and towards living entities. The Life Sciences Park will feature a river system for sustenance of life, a tissue culture laboratory with a nursery, aromatic, medicinal, economic and ornamental plants, a butterfly park, a nursery with cactus, succulents and bonsai etc.

The Opening Time of Gujarat Science Centre is 2.00pm to 9.00pm. Smoking, alcohol, tobacco, additive substances, improper, disrespectful dress, abusive language, pets are prohibited.

Contact Address:
Gujarat Council of Science City
Village Hebatpur, Sola-Santej Road, Nr. Science City Cross Road, off Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad 380 060
Phone: 91-79-65220111
Fax: +91-0-9898029617
Email: Contact Now

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