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Pols Of Ahmedabad

The pols of old Ahmedabad are old residential areas dating back to 1714. They are honeycomb like community dwellings enclosed by a wall and protected by huge gates. They are characterized by richly carved woodwork, stone facades, community wells, carved wooden 'chabutaras' for feeding pigeons, narrow labyrinthine streets, a main street with crooked lanes branching on either side, secret entrances, walls and gates which were barred at night, temple, playing areas, sculptured wooden doors, windows, beams, pillars and balconies. The central open space is known as the chowk and the rest of the zones are built around it. The baithak, kitchen and service areas share the ground floor, the upper quarters and terrace are accessed by narrow, steep stairways. The pols were self-sustaining units as each house had its own underground storage for water and food grains. These buildings were initially inhabited by extended family members or people practicing the same trade. The pols formed a kind of micro-neighbourhood and were meant to enhance community living as well as provide security to the occupants. Notable in the present day pols are Mhurat pol, Mandvi-ni-pol and Lakha Patel-ni-Pol.

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