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Arunachal Pradesh
The dances of India are of many varied forms and have a million different nuances attached to them. Yet there are some common underlying defining elements across all the forms of dance in India.
Folk Dances
Dance Drama
Ritual Dance
  The dances, performed by the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, have been broadly divided into four groups.  Ritual dances form the first group, which may again be divided into five sub-groups. The second group is the Festive-dances which forms the recreational part of festivals. Then there are the Recreational dances which neither form part of any particular festival nor ritual. The fourth group is the Pantomimes and Dance-dramas which narrate a mythical story or illustrate a moral. 
Folk Dances
Wancho Dances
Ponung Dance    
Khampti Dance


Digaru Mishmi Buiya Dance        
Ritual Dances
The Idu Mishmis have a ritual-dance and a fertility-dance. The ritual-dance is performed by the priest or priestess in the ceremonies of Ai-ah, Ai-him, Mesalah and Rren. more..
Dance Drama
  The Ka Fifai drama is woven round the theme of the traditional belief that ghosts appear and kidnap girls or men and trouble them. The participants in the drama consist of a man.. more..