Sunday, December 4, 2022



Sikkim's monasteries  are institutes of scholars and saints dedicated to the spreading of noble teachings of Lord Buddha. The monasteries of Sikkim apart from being the places of religious discourses, worship and meditation are the store houses of many hand written religious books and murals, the part and parcel of Sikkimese cultural heritage.

Most of the monasteries in Sikkim belong to the Nyingmapa sect of Lamaism. All the Nyingmapa monasteries are governed by the Pemyangtse. There are separate monasteries for Lepchas at Lingtam, Jikim and Fagye also managed by the Pemyangtse. Nuns reside in very few monasteries  of Sikkim  and  that too in diminishing  numbers. 

On the walls of the monastery are painted the four religious kings, the Masters of four main directions  as mentioned in the Mahayana scriptures. In the almirahs, are placed the hand written manuscripts of many religious books.