Monday, December 5, 2022


Entry Permit 

As per the entry restrictions, Sikkim is divided into three areas. Some part of the state requires Inner Line Permit, some parts require Protected Area Permit and some other part require Restricted Area Permit. The entire state of Sikkim falls under one of the three categories. Commonly the permits required are referred to as Inner Line Permit. Indian Tourists can visit major tourist destinations of Sikkim without permits. Visitors from Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Myanmar can be given inner line permits only after approval from Ministry of Home Affairs, government of India at New Delh

In addition to an Indian visa, foreigners must obtain these Inner Line Permit from the Home Ministry, New Delhi and it can be obtained from all Indian missions, Tourism Office, New Delhi, Sikkim Tourism Office, Calcutta and Sikkim Tourism Office, Siliguri on the strength of an Indian Visa. They should provide photocopies of Passport and Visa details along with two passport photos of applicants to obtain these permits. Foreigners can avail only 15 days permit to visit Sikkim which can be extended for a further period of 30 days in two spells of 15 days each. 

For those interested in going for trekking in the interior regions of the state, there requires a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) Or Protected Area Permit (PAP) which can be obtained in Gangtok from the Police Check Post and Department of Tourism which is available for certain specified area for groups consisting of 4 or more foreigners subject to the condition that the trekking program is arranged through a registered travel agency.