Sunday, July 3, 2022


The Tamang

The Tamangs claim their origin from four families, viz. Bal, Yonjon, Moktan, Ghising. Their two main divisions are Bara Tamang and Atharajat. Bara Tamang is socially superior. Tamangs have a similarity with the Gurangs. Their language is similar to Gurang Kura. By religion  the Tamangs are Lamaist Buddhists.

The Newar

The Newar are originally agriculturists and masons. But in Sikkim many of  them have taken to trade. The Newars of Sikkim are mostly Hindus.


Next in social rank are the Thakurs. A Thakur is also entitled to wear sacred thread. Inter-marriage  among  certain class of Thakurs  is permissible while marriage with members of other classes is restricted.


The Chettris are next in rank. They also wear sacred thread and have Brahmanical  prejudices. Though inter-marriage is common, they prefer marriage only among their own class.