Saturday, May 28, 2022


The Limbu

Limbu is a branch of the Kirati tribe. They have a tradition of inter marriage with other tribes particularly with the Lepchas and in certain respects their habits are similar to those of the Lepchas. They have also matrimonial relation with the Rai or Khambas. The Limbus call themselves Yakthamba. One of the branches came via Lhasa and is called the Lhasa gotra, while the other branch which came from Benaras is called the Kashi gotra. The Limbu have their own priests, they are  known as 'Phedangba'. They conduct the religious ceremonies, and also deals in omen and forecasts. They have their own language, called the Limbu Kura. Limbu marriage is often conducted without the consent of the parents.