Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Monastery at Pemayangtse (Perfect Sublime Lotus) 

This monastery is situated 120 Kms west of Pemayangtse. Opens from sunrise to sunset.

This is the second oldest monastery of Sikkim.  The monastery was constructed in 1705A.DThe original building was designed on the Tibetan monastery pattern. But now the main building has completely been rebuilt in concrete and also painted in Sikkimese style. But the original carved altar, thrones, old images, old painted banners and the ritual objects have been left intact to maintain the continuity with the past. The walls and the ceiling of the large Dukhang (Prayer Hall) has numerous thangkas and wall paintings.  There is an exceptional collection of religious art works including an exquisite wooden sculpture on the top floor depicting the heavenly palace of Guru Rimpoche. The monks' quarters build in stone and wood is sited at the side of the monastery.  This is the headquarters of the Nyingmapa sector.  The monks have been recruited here from the leading families of Sikkim according to Nyingmapa tradition.

According to the tradition, only unmarried Bhutia monks with no physical blemish can live at this monastery. They are mostly drawn from the elite Bhutias. Since its inception the monastery has been closely associated with the royal family. Only the head lama of this monastery was permitted  to enthrone the erstwhile Chogyals. The lamas of this monastery once completed the chronicle of Sikkim and kept the hand written manuscript in the library of the monastery but unfortunately  it was destroyed during Gurukha invasions. Only two pages of this manuscript could be spotted by Hooker at a later stage.

Rumtek, Gangtok Chhulakhang, Rinchinpong, Talung, Enchey, Lingtam, Namchi and Singtam  are other renowned monasteries of Sikkim.

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