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Kishangarhi is spoken in the whole of the Kishangarh sub-division and in a small belt to the north of Ajmer and Ajmeri is spoken over the eastern centre of Ajmer district. The dialect of Bundi and Kota is Harauti, which is also spoken in the neighbouring parts of the Jhalwar and Tonk districts and the Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. In the latter region it is known as Sheopuri.

Mewati is the language of Mewat, the abode of the Meos, but it covers a larger tract than that which sprawls over the north-west of the Bharatpur and Alwar districts. It is also spoken in the south east of Haryana in Gurgaon district and in the Kot-Kasin area of Jaipur. It represents a Rajasthani dialect fading off into the Bangru dialect of Hindi.