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Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir Tourism

Srinagar - Kashmir Province

Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir stands on Dal Lake and the river Jhelum. This ancient city was founded by Emperor Asoka when his daughter Charumati took a fancy to Dal Lake during a pilgrimage to the area.  The present city was established by the King Raja Pravarsen II in the 6th century. Its name was derived from the old name 'Suryanagar' (The city of Surya or the Sun God).

It had a strategic as well as economic importance as it stands on the ancient trade route to Central Asia Srinagar is the most populous city, covering an area of about 28.5 sq km. The river Jhelum, flanked by the Dal lake and intersected by canals, runs through the city and lends an idyllic charm to it.

Snow capped mountains, romantic houseboats, sunny gardens, simmering lakes aesthetic beauty, rich culture, historical monuments and refreshing Kawah is what Srinagar overview is all about. The weather in Srinagar is alpine. Summers (April-June) are mild and winters are cold (November-February). It experiences heavy snowfall in December - February. The best time to visit Srinagar is during summers between April and June.

Mughal Gardens

The landscaped Mughal Gardens, developed by the rulers of the Mughal dynasty, make you fall in love with their beauty. The garden, which has an area of 548mx338m, is house to beautiful flowering trees and the tall chinars add a majestic touch to the garden. The garden has terraces and water canals flowing through the middle.

The name Mughal Gardens is given for the combination of three renowned gardens namely the Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Gardens and Chashmashahi. These gardens are tourists’ paradise and are beautifully decorated with bright flowerbeds, terraced lawns and well maintained cascading fountains. No tourist can miss these three nice marvelous gardens.

Shalimar Bagh : Shalimar Garden or Shalimar Bagh, second in size among the Mughal Gardens at Srinagar also has the name of Nur Jehan attached to it. This is because this garden was built by Jahangir for his wife Nur Jehan. This garden is also marked by the presence of terraces that are separated by water channels. There are four terraces in this garden having an area of 539x182 meters and the water to this garden is supplied from Harwan through a canal which is lined with fountains. The topmost terraces were reserved for the royalty especially the 4th terrace which was meant for the royal ladies. There is a pavilion, in the 4th terrace, which served as a banquet hall. The pavilion gets its support from the marble pillars, black in color and having beautiful engravings in them. The garden is designed in such a fashion that the fountains and the trees create the illusion of slowly moving towards the horizon.

Dal Lake

Dal lake, well known for the Mughal gardens flanking it, in the vicinity of Srinagar, is about 6 km long and about 3 km broad. One of the most beautiful and picturesque lakes in India, it gives the visitor a 360 view of the mighty Himalayas. Dal is not only famous for its beauty, but for the Shikhara (gondola type long row boats) rides which is an experience by itself. Tiny wooden shops run by the Shikhara community line the lake, near picturesque vegetable gardens and acres of lotus gardens. These boats take you to and fro from the houseboats as well as help you explore the calm waters of the lake and visit the Shalimar & Nishat gardens and the Hazratbal Mosque which are directly accessible...Read more on Dal Lake