Monday, October 3, 2022
Jammu and Kashmir

The People


The hill people of Kashmir, called Gujjars, mostly herdsmen by occupation, are found  in most parts of Jammu and Kashmir. They are said to be Rajputs who had migrated from Rajasthan and adopted the Muslim faith. They are tall and well-built, with a prominently Jewish cast of features.
Their dialect, Gujari is now identified as a form of a Rajasthani. They raise sheep and cattle. Their nutritious diet consists of maize bread, whey, jungle roots and fruits.

The dress of a Gujjar woman of the hills in the valley is very much similar to that worn by the Turkish village women. It consists of as ample shalwar and full-skirted tunic with loose sleeves. A thick veil on the head falls back to the shoulders. The Gujjar woman knit their hair in multiple plaits which hang in front, covering half of their moon-shaped faces.