Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Fairs and Festivals



Mela Devi is held at Beri in Jhajjar of Rohtak district, twice a year. According to a Legend, the image of goddess Bhumeshwari Devi was brought from the hills and installed at Beri. Newly married couples blessed with a son come here to  pay homage. Mela Baba Mast Nath is held in February-march each year at the Samadhi of the saint at Bohar near Rohtak. It is also held at Khera Sadh and the people worship both at the Samadhi and the temple. Sat kumbh fair is a religious celebration and is held at Kheri Gujar (Sonepat) twice a year.

At the village of Khori-Shah-Choka in the Firozpur-Jherka tehsil of the Gurgaon. Meos gather in large numbers on the 5th to 7th Jama-di-Ul-awal, the object of their pilgrimage being the tomb of Saint Shah Choka. Hindus also attend the Mela. This fair used to be a great occasion for elopements.