Thursday, April 18, 2024

Fairs and Festivals


Shigmo Shigmo is a social festival with a religious core. It is the Goan counterpart of the Holi in the rest of India. On the Holi day, Puja is performed of the stems of the teflam fruits or betel nut, struck on the ground before the temple and a little grass put at their feet is then burnt. There are a number of dances which burst forth on this occasion in the spirit of plenty that marks the harvesting season when the barns are full and a sense of satisfaction and mirth is bubbling all around

GokulashtamiMahashivratri and Brahmotsava are celebrated at the temples of Goa with great splendour, when thousands of devotees from all over Goa gather to pay homage to the deity. A famous fair known as Jatra festival is held in the temple of goddess Lairai, situated in the village of Sirigao in Bicholim taluka where thousands of people from all over Goa come to pay their homage to the goddess. A special feature of this Jatra is walking on burning coals by certain devotees of the goddess popularly known as Dhonds.