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Fairs and Festivals

Ladainha or Ladin

Ladainha or Ladin is a thanksgiving ritual among the Christians of Goa. The Ladin which literally means a litany to the Virgin Mary, is a religious function of thanksgiving to god for material and spiritual benefits that have accrued or are sought for, by the persons sponsoring
the Ladin. Preparations for Ladin would begin with the purchase of grams, branco wine, candles, coloured tinsel paper in the local market. The family altar is bedecked with flowers, creepers, crotons laid out in vases. The gram soaked in water since morning is then put on the fire to be boiled and coconut chips are sliced to be mixed with the boiled grams. The Ladin consists of a litany sung by every one present, to the accompaniment of the violin, singing of hymns and prayers. The village choirmaster or a local violinist conducts the show involved in the singing of the litany.

Muharram, Bakrid and Ramzan are the festivals celebrated by the Muslims in Goa.