Friday, April 20, 2018


In Utthan Pada Asana, both the legs are lifted upwards. This asana gives excessive strain to the spine. In case of any spinal injury this asana can be practiced by lifting one leg at a time. 

How to do :

  1. Lie on the floor with your body straight. Heels should be together. Look towards the ceiling. 
  2. Slowly inhale and take in as much as air you can.
  3. Holding your breathe lift both the legs up about 10 inches high from the floor. Legs should be held together straight and toes stretch forward. Retain for about 5 seconds. 
  4. Exhale slowly and begin lowering the legs simultaneously.  Complete exhaling by the time your legs are brought back to the floor.

Restrictions :

Start with three rounds on the first day. Relax for about 5 seconds after each round. Do not practice more than four rounds a day.

People who have had spinal injury can do the asana by lifting each leg alternatively. Do two rounds with each leg.

Benefits :

Strengthens the spinal code and corrects disorders of the back. Reduces paunch and removes constipation, indigestion and gas trouble.