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The Sarvanga Asana is one of the most treasured asanas, said to benefit the whole body. In this asana the whole body weight rests on the shoulders and the neck and upper back regions are stretched to the limit. Beginners should practice the sarvanga asana in a moderate way and gradually attempt the full posture.

How to do :

  1. Lie straight, on your back on the floor. Palms should be on the floor close to the body and the heels and the toes should be together. 
  2. Inhale and raise both the legs slowly up in a vertical position (at 90o).  Raising of the legs should be synchronized with the breathing. 
  3. Exhale and again raise the legs upward from the second position. Bring both palms underneath the hips and should be used to assist in raising the body upwards. The hands should always work as a support to the body weight. 
  4. Try to raise the body as straight as possible. 
  5. At the final stage of this asana you will be resting on your shoulders, chin touching the chest. In this position the legs should be stiff hard and together and the toes is pointing towards the ceiling. Do not shake. Be firm and keep breathing normally. 
  6. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds on the first day. 
  7. For returning to the first position, first fold the legs on the knees. Your heels should be now on the thighs and above the buttock. Then slowly let the body return to the floor while the palms are supporting the body weight. 
  8. Now stretch out the legs forwards and relax. You have completed one round of the Sarvanga Asana. 

Restrictions :

This asana should be performed only once in a single session. This final position of this asana can be retained for about 30 seconds on the first day and gradually can be increased to 1 minute. Never hold this position for more than 3 minutes.  Beginners may find it difficult to perform the full sarvanga asana. They should practice in a moderate way - i.e. raise their legs upwards only as far as they can. Regular practice for a few weeks would enable them to do the full sarvanga asana.

Benefits :

Strengthens and balances the function of the thyroid which supervises the other glands, in a most effective way. As a result of the reverse blood circulation due to this asana, it brings youthfulness, strength and nourishes the inner cells, tissues and all the organs. It cures impotency, frigidity, lack of sexual power and gives vitality to the practitioner. Centralizes the blood supply in the spinal column and stretches the spine helping to keep it strong and elastic. 

Watch Video instructions to do Sarvanga Asana

Disclaimer : We are not responsible or liable for any injury or harm caused to the practitioner while practicing the asanas given here. Some asanas may be inappropriate under certain medical conditions. We suggest that you consult a qualified instructor.