Tuesday, August 16, 2022
West Bengal


Arts & Crafts of West Bengal


Musical Instruments

In instrumental music Bengal has produced great masters in the Sitar, the Sarod and the Esray. The great teacher, late Ustad Alauddin Khan has developed the art of the flute into the first rank for the exposition of classical music. The' modern' style has pressed into service the guitar, the violin cello and other musical gadgets of western origin. The portable box harmonium, which evolved in Calcutta about eight decades back is ubiquitous despite the frowns of orthodox classicists. For concert music the violin, the clarinets and the cornet are extensively used. Some itinerant rural singers also use the fiddle for accompaniment. The Bauls use the ektara and the dotara, bayan (percussion) and ankle-bells. The wealthy traditionally call for naabat consisting of the sehnai and nakkara (percussion) for auspicious ceremonies. In major public celebration like the Durga Puja the instruments of choice are the Jaidhak (major Indian drum) and the Kansi (brass gong) played in a variety of rhythmus and time measures. The khol and cymbals are the invariable accompaniment for Kirtan music.