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West Bengal


Arts & Crafts of West Bengal



Besides Tagore,
Dwijendralal Ray is a dramatist, poet and composer who composed many exquisite love songs and rousing patriotic songs and adapted the European practice of Choral singing. The tide of innovations and experiments in musical styles brought Atulprasad Sen who composed songs of love, piety and patriotism and popularised the Lucknow style of Thumri in Bengali song. 

A younger composer, Kazi Nazrul Islam, introduced the Ghazal form in Bengali song with his memorable love songs and also virile marching songs with his revolutionary lyrics. Bold innovations have continued to be made by a number of music composers in the form and style of Bengali song and folk songs of different regions of Bengal came to the presented in pure and adapted forms. These activities developed in the 1940's into the "modern" style of Bengali song-a bewildering medley attempts of fusion of classical, folk, western pop and beat styles.