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Bangkok: Why should you go to this city? Does it have any tourist attractions?

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Bangkok is everything a person might expect from the capital of Thailand. It is absolutely noisy, packed, colourful, exciting, maddening, and smile inducing. There are old sites to be visited and advanced shopping malls that have a high-end ambiance. There are different destinations in Bangkok that might steal your interest and give you a good time.

How to make it to Bangkok from Delhi?

The capital of India Delhi connects you to almost all the popular places. If you plan to go to Bangkok, then you can get a direct Delhi to Bangkok flight and that too within a reasonable budget. You would take hardly four hours to reach this capital of Thailand. Anyhow, if you are wondering what you would do in the city,then walk through the following points.

Visit Grand Palace

In case,you only visit one major historical tourist attraction in Bangkok, then this has to be the one. The regal compound lives up to its name, having remarkable structures that would put the most debauched modern monarchs to shame. It is even the home of WatPhraKaeo, which encompasses the Jade (or Emerald) Buddha. Constructed in 1782, the grand palace was the regal residence for generations and is still used for vital ceremonies and accommodating heads of state. The place will definitely give you a distinct experience. Make sure that you dress up modestly once you visit the Grand Palace, and it actually means covering your arms and legs and evading any messy attire.

Wat Pho

Situated south of the Grand Palace precinct, Wat Pho makes a brilliant addition to your trip. However, you have to make sure that you are ready to walk a little. Also called WatChetuphon, the temple was constructed by King Rama I and is the most ancient in Bangkok. It has long been believed to be a place of healing and was popular centuries ago for its pharmacy and as the first "university,” of Thailand both built by King Rama III. You can receive a Thai or foot massage at the conventional medical school on the premises.
Image by Matt Carr from Pixabay

Presently this Wat Pho is specially known for the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. At this place you are going to find a statue so huge (45 m long and 15 m high)that it cannot be witnessed in its total, only appreciated in sections. The soles of the feet, decorated with a countless of precious stones, are especially interesting having the 108 signs of true faith. You should also look for the long earlobes suggesting noble birth, and the lotus-bud shape of the hand to symbolize beauty and purity.

So, head to this place for exploring some spectacular and distinct spots. The Flight fares from Delhi to Bangkok are not really high, and you can comfortably make it.After all, this city will definitely give you a great time with its unique spots and places.

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