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Superstition & God

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Superstition is a particular opinion or practice-actual or false. Various kinds of superstition prevail in different parts of the world.

However the practice of it in India is a cause of great damage to society.

Ancient civilizations were dominated by the fear of natural disasters, like floods, drought and famines.They used their creative energies in order to personify these forces as gods. Such practices over time, turned into rituals and traditions. 

We hear the television evangelists and other so-called religious preachers advocating renunciation of the world.

If God is the creator, then renouncing God's creation amounts to renouncing the creator, does it? Bible and many others scriptures say that 'man was created in His image'. The reverse seems to be just as true. Why are Indian, Japanese, Chinese, African God different? Man started creating his own image and started worshiping. Man writes all the scriptures and attributes them to God. It is man who builds all the churches and temples. Superstition turns into rituals. Rituals turns into religion. Religion turns into politics. Nobody knows who started what, but the priest keep collecting cash permanently in the name of religion. Ignorance makes people superstitious and stick to false beliefs. 

God is only within us but we fail to realize it. He manifests himself through our service to humanity.

   Shwamidas, Moirang
Posted On : 25.1.2011

gud lines...sis.!!

Posted On : 25.1.2011

Very Good Article

   khongyang, Imphal
Posted On : 29.7.2010

Your article is very informative....

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