Thursday, December 8, 2022

Tripura Tourist places

Ujjayant Palace

Ujjayant Palace palace located in the capital city of Agartala was built by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya in 1901.  The palace, standing amidst a Mughal style garden, is now functioning as the State Legislative Assembly.  This is the largest building in the state, and arguably the largest in the country covering 1 sq km. The peculiarity of  this palace is its Chinese room with carved wooden ceilings, tiled floors and sculpted front doors.

Jagannath temple

Jagannath temple, built in 19th century is across on the artificial lake in front of the Ujjayant palace. Architecture of the temple is remarkable.

Tripura Government Museum

Visit : weekdays 1000- 1700.  This museum located in the heart of Agartala city, contains some of the rare stone images, old coins, archaeological articles from Tripura and adjoining areas, Bengal Kantha embroidery, sculptures and the 8th-10th century Buddhist sculptures from Pilak.

Temple of Chaturdasa Devata

Located 6 kms from Agartala city in Puran Agartala (Old Agartala), Chaturdasa Devata temple is dedicated to 14 gods and goddesses, represented by their heads. It is built in Bengali  architectural style.  But it has a Buddhist type stupa on top. This is where the popular festival Kharchi puja is celebrated annually in July for a week. Thousands of devotees attend the festival. 

Neer Mahal

This is a water-palace built in Rudrasagar Lake. It is like a fairytale castle with towers and pavilions. It also has  moats and bridges. Rudrasagar lake with 5.3 of water area is located 55 kms from Agartala near Melaghar. The palace was built in 1930 A.D by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya as his summer residence. Migratory birds visit the lake during winter and a boat race is held here annually in July- August. There are facilities for boating in the lake.


The Sipahija Wildlife Sanctuary and Zoo in an area of 18,532 km is located 25 km south of Agartala on Agartala- Udaipur main road. The sanctuary is home to about 450 animals belonging to 46 different species. There is a botanical garden here as well. The three decade old deer park here has over 400 dears. There is a facility for Elephant rides through the sanctuary. There is a lake with boating facilities. Phayre's langur (locally known as Chashma Banar) primate which is a rare species seen here, has been used as a bespectacled Mascot in the Natural Interpretation Centre (NIC) set up here. It narrates, through a compact disc, the salient features of the sanctuary to the visitors and also guides them intelligently. Abasarika (Forest Bungalow) and Cottages run by Forest Department are available for stay.


A Saivite pilgrimage center located in Unakoti hill, 178 km from Agartala, and 8 km from Kailashahar, district headquarter of North Tripura district. As the name 'Unakoti' meaning 'One less than a crore', suggests, the place is an archeological marvel with numerous remarkable rock cut images of Gods and Goddesses dating back to 7-9 centuries found here. 

There is an interesting legend behind the rock cut carvings. Lord Shiva was going to Kashi with one crore gods and Goddesses and they halted for the night at this location. But the next morning nobody got up before sunrise as per Lord Shiva's instruction, and he left for Kashi cursing the Gods to be turned to stone. Of the carvings, the central 30 ft high Shiva head - 'Unakotiswara Kal Bhairava', three images of Nandi bull half buries in the ground and huge Ganesh figure are impressive.

Thousands of pilgrims from different parts of the state assemble to offer Puja during the Ashokashtami fair at Unakoti thirtha in March- April every year.